Place your bets on Outward Bound Professional

Winter, 2013

By: Paul Lamoureux, Vice President of Programs

During the frigid winter months our development department is busy preparing for the annual gala and other major donor events, our operation staff is overhauling and preparing the island for an onslaught of visitors, our sales staff is busy signing and re-signing events, conferences and programs clients, our youth programs staff is interviewing and hiring new and returning staff while preparing to serve 6,680 students in 2013, and our accounting staff is closing the books on 2012 and ensuring continued financial health.

While all of this planning activity is occurring, our Thompson Island Outward Bound Professional (OBP) staff is actually out in the field delivering high-value programs to corporate clients. Cutting edge, customized Outward Bound Professional programs are designed to enhance effectiveness for individuals, groups and teams… and can be delivered throughout the year in a wide variety of locations!

To honor the flexibility and professionalism of our OBP programs and staff, I’ve invited OBP Director, Ellen Harris to be our Guest Blogger:

Place your bets on Outward Bound Professional
by Ellen Harris

Have you ever thought about playing “poker” with your colleagues and instead of winning or losing, gaining insight about different cultures? In January, Outward Bound Professional worked with 16 leaders from 6 different countries who are in a Leadership Development program for a global company that’s an industry leader in healthcare.

The challenge? Well, we all know the changing face of healthcare makes doing business-as-usual obsolete, so how can leadership stay ahead of the changes?

Combined with topics on Innovation, Outward Bound Professional facilitators placed colleagues in fun and sometimes humorous situations to experience and understand how they and each other think! Through different activities, discussions included how to most effectively use resources, identify smart strategies, appreciate the impact of effective (or ineffective) communication, and determine when a team is in sync.

The result? Helping colleagues become aware of what they do best, and how to keep doing that together!

Thompson Island Outward Bound Professional offers winning strategies for positive and lasting change in the workplace throughout the year.

Ellen Harris can be reached at or 617-830-5114.

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